100% made in Italy

Authenticity, details, harmony

Barex Italiana, founded in Bologna, Italy in 1967 is an internationally renowned company that develops, manufactures and distributes professional haircare, colour and styling products.

A family owned business, Barex Italiana today is run by it's original founder, Sergio Baiesi, by his son Carlo Baiesi, President and Export Manager and by his daughter Alessandra Baiesi, National Sales account.  The Basesi family, with their entrepreneurial know-how, endless creativity and true passion for the field, is the heart of the Company as they have contributed to its growth decade after decade and continue to work together for a promising future.

Because of our Barex Italiana's  Italian heritage of craftmanship, each and every product  is researched and formulated in their Bologna laboratories, with nothing is left to chance.  Behind every formula are countless hours of study, each detail is given meticulous attention.  Every single natural ingredient, carefully selected for its authenticity and beneficial properties, has its own purpose and place.  Barex Italiana test all fragrances, balance all blends, measure each consistency until everything is precisely right.

And so, once Barex Italiana products have been packaged, shipped out and delivered, the Baiesi family truly believes  you will sense all the magic that's bottled up inside.